Entry: Suicide Jul 17, 2014

I want to talk about suicide, and what it really means. They say if you take your own life, your damned to hell. I just don't believe that to be true.

Some peoples hurt is just so strong, they cant mentally or physically take it. Something in your brain just snaps, and its like a sickness from my understanding. Not a sickness like the flu, but like a sickness of the heart.

A human heart can only hold so much hurt before it collapses. which triggers your brain, to do something you normally wouldn't do.

Some may say its selfish, but others.. they say he just wasn't thinking. But was he? Can you honestly put yourself in that person shoes, and feel the same emotions that person was feeling? do you know what was going on behind closed doors? you cant always listen to others stories, because most of the time, they are lies. Lies to hide from the truth, and lies to protect themselves.

It leaves you with unanswered questions that's true. But some people already have the answers. its a matter of whether they will tell you or not.

Suicide, is not a sin, but a cry for help. a cry for change, for it is the people who push them over the edge.

Its not to hurt you, but to help them. to sustain from the hurt in their heart. to reach up to heavens of paradise, and cry in the arms of god. our savior. For that, he will not punish you. For you were only weak at the moment, but strong for many more moments.


In memory of my father Jeffrey M. Burkett


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